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Any way to fire an assignment rule *again* on an existing Lead

Is there any way to re-run an assignment rule on an existing lead or leads? Either Apex, API, Ajax, etc??


I tried the AssignmentRuleHeader in Apex and in the API through Ajax, but no dice.


I know the documentation says "The assignmentRuleHeader method specifies the assignment rule to be used when creating an account, case, or lead."... but I was hoping to get lucky.


Yes , the answer is true .


The the assignment rule header works fine with the update of a record .


From the data loader (or any Force.com Web Services API based client ) you can do the same , go to the settings of the data loader and in the Assignment Rule give the SFDC ID of the corresponding assignment rule and do update the record , it will run the corresponding assignment rule.



Dinesh Nasipuri




Sorry, you said the documentation is correct ("the answer is true"?) but then you say that you *can* do it through the Data Loader or API... How?


I've tried and haven't been successful. 




This works well , may be the assignment rule is not active.


In the data Loader user guide you will find that



Specify the ID of the assignment rule to use for inserts,

updates, and upserts. This option applies to inserts, updates,

Assignment Rule

and upserts on cases and leads. It also applies to updates on

accounts if your organization has territory assignment rules

on accounts. The assignment rule overrides Owner values

in your CSV file."


You can download the user guide from




Dinesh Nasipuri