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Custom Button 'Add Contacts' to a Custom Object's Related List

Hello all,


I am stuck somewhere when I try add button called "add Contacts" to a Custom Object directly from my CustomObject's detail page, with a Related List Button placed on the Contact.'s related list.

The lookup between Contacts and MyCustomObject exists.

I created a Button which behavior is 'display in existing window with sidebar' and Content Source is 'URL'.


The URL of my button is https://cs7.salesforce.com/_ui/common/data/LookupPage?lkpr={!MyCustomObject__c.Id}&lktp=003


My problem is that the search page that is displayed does not allow me to select contacts, as there is no checkbox on it.



Does anybody know the solution ?

Do I miss a parameter in the setting of the URL ?

Or do I need to create a custom VF Search Page ?