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lookup relationship question

I have a custom object called 'Post TNB survey' which is a related list on the lead page that populates questions and answer data. 


On the Lead page I would like a field to display a particular  Question at the top of the lead page as well.  The questions each have ID's.  




Would I create a new lookup relationship from the Lead object to the Post TNB survey custom object? If so how do I reference that particular Question_ID field?

Ritesh AswaneyRitesh Aswaney

Is the Post TNB Survey Object a junction between the Lead and Question__c ?


If you add a lookup to Question__c on Lead, you can only relate a Lead to a single Question__c.


It would seem like you might need to add some formula fields on TNB Survey Object, to display the Question Details in the Related list on the Lead PAge >


Thanks for the reply.  Here is the answer to my post for reference. 


If you have the custom object linked to your lead page on the related list we can add the fields to the lead related list. Unfortunately theses fields will not appear on the lead detail page. If you have a lookuop field on your leads object to the custom object we can create cross object formulas to bring fields from the custom object to be placed on the lead detail. Unfortunately this will not show up on the related list on the lead. You will need to create a visual force component because we cannot accomplish both using standard functionality.