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From sandbox to production



What is the easiest way to transfer changes from sandbox to production? Don't know what to do. Is there any other way in addition to using Force.com IDE?



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With spring 10 , you can create change sets and transfer it across instances


Change Sets
A change set is a means by which one organization can send customizations to another organization.

  • An outbound change set is a change set created in the organization you are logged into and want to send to another organization.
  • An inbound change set is a change set that has been sent from another organization to the organization you are logged into.
  • Change sets can only contain modifications you can make through the setup menu.
  • Change sets may contain customizations to existing components or new components, but can't be used to delete or rename components.

Deployment Connections
In order for change sets to be sent from one organization to another, a deployment connection is required.

  • A deployment connection is automatically created between all related organizations whenever a sandbox is created.
  • Each organization must be authorized to send and receive change sets.
  • The deployment connection list shows which organizations can upload changes to this organization, and which organizations allow this organization to upload changes to them.