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Add custom object to price book



Is it possible to add custom object to a price book. For example we deprecated our product object and created a new Product_Custom object.


My question is it possible to integrate the price book with my Product_Custom object and has anyone done this before?


Thank you.


If you look at the schema of standard objects  Product, Pricebook and Pricebook Entry , you will notice the following relation:-


   [ Product]  <--   { Product Id, PriceBook  Id} -->  [ Price Book Entry] <--   { Product Id, PriceBook  Id} -->  [PriceBook]


In case you want similar functionality you need to create similar relationships with PriceBook , PriceBookEntry and your Custom Product.


But I think you even need the similar standard UI as is provided by Salesforce , which I think cannot be done and a similar experience can be achived by developing custom code based on Visual Force


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