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Activity - Related To - Case lookup search by Case subject as opposed to only Case Number?

I have a client that wishes the capability to search by Case subject as opposed to Case number when relating a case to an event as the case number is not known to them but the subject is.  As far as I can see.. this lookup only allows search by case number and is not customizable.. is there any way around this?


Thank you.


The workaround would be to provide a custom UI to the user wherein he/she can search on the basis of Subject.


Hi Ispita.


Thank you for the quick response.  Seems like a much larger effort that what I thought simply to be able to search on another field.  

I'm guessing javascript will be needed to override the onclick of the lookup icon next to the related to on the event entry page.  Then perhaps some visual force page will need to be created to simulate the case lookup popup. Then some more javascript will be needed to pass the clicked value from the popup window back to the event entry page.   It seems it would be much easier if lookups were more customizable...


Does this thought process sound correct?


Thank you.



In case it helps.


More research is showing me how much of a pandoras box this is.


Even if I did want to go through the trouble of creating an additional VF page to minic the search lookup for cases, I'd first have to recreate the standard event page (and probably the task page) in visualforce because you cannot add javascript to an edit page.



So after all this work is done just so i can search on another field other then case number in the lookup (sigh)   I then LOSE functionality because you cannot recreate the add invitees section of the new event edit page because API Access is read only...

http://ideas.salesforce.com/article/show/99019/Unlock_EventAttendee_in_the_SalesForce_API#skin=adn   (another sigh).


The more I dig into events the more limiting I find it and am unable to meet simple client requests..  Hopefully this entire area gets an overhaul as well as lookup windows as it is badly needed!





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I'm amazed this is still not manageable. Users shouldn't need to recall every case reference number in the system to be able to link an adhoc task to a case.

For example a Case is raised in Jan, due to be picked up end of Feb (Agile Sprint). User comes in at begining of Feb and asks if we can have a meeting before I go ahead and resolve.  Sure... Quick create a task and assign it to said Case.. but wait. I can't because I cant recall the Case Number off hand. Cancel all actions and all typed up info, search for Case in global search and then create a task from there directly. 

This is not very good at all - my users find it even more deplorable, especially when looking at there recent items, and all they see is a string of irrelevant (to them) ref numbers.