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Losing Page Layout Assignments on Deploy

We deployed some changes recently and ended up with many of our previous page-layout assignments being lost, i.e.., set back to Unassigned.


Our deployment included a number of Profiles, Record Types, and Page Layouts for Opportunity.  For all the Profiles we deployed, only those layouts  and record types in the package retained their assignments. 


We have 48 record types and about 50 profiles profiles and 30-40 layouts.  We never want to deploy all of these at the same time. In the past, when we only deployed a subset, only what we deployed changed and what was already there remained unchanged.


Anyone know what would cause this?  Is there a change to metadata deployment in '10?




Having same issue here - IDE 20 and Eclipse 3.6 Helios - Please advise if there is a best practice, soultion or work around that exists. It would seem logical that the api should ignore settings that are not excplicitly spelled out in the package and not sure why it is updating to "unassigned" 


Unless the practice is to include all the record types/profiles/pagelayouts to preserve the matrix and then not deploy the ones that are not actually a part of the package.



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This issue still exists,

When is SFDC going to fix it?


This issue exists with Eclipse and Force.com Migration Tool.




You can work around it by explicitlly adding the Layouts/RecordTypes to the Profile metadata.. which you keep losing.

or alternatively pull down all Layouts (for the objects you are deploying )into your package (ensuring you don't adjust the other layouts your are not updating in your deployment


example of metadata for eclipse or Force.com Migration Tool:


        <layout>Account-Standard Biz Layout</layout>




        <layout>PersonAccount-Standard Person Layout</layout>