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Prevent Edit/Delete of an Event by its Owner

I'm creating Events with a specify record type programmatically and assigning them to various users.


I don't want the users who own these types of events from editing or deleting them.


I'm trying to think of the best way to prevent it.  I can take the Edit and Delete button off the layout but there is still an Edit and Delete button on the mini-layout and in the related list.


I figure with a validation, I can at least prevent edit of three or four critical fields and that's what I most care about so that is a reasonable solution.  I likely want to at least allow the user to dismiss the event so I have to let them modify a few fields any way.


I have no idea if there is a way with validation to prevent delete.  Any suggestions?



Any other ideas?


If you go the route where you dont want them to edit them, you can go to the profile and uncheck "Edit Events", this should take away the delete as well.


As for the issue if you want them to edit them, I couldn't find a way to prevent the delete.






The thing is, I only want to prevent edits (and deletes) of Events with a certain record type.  Other events they might want to edit.