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Receiving user fields in html email template

I'm trying to set up an approval process including approval assignment email templates.


In these templates I'd like to address the receiving user, however this doesn't seem to work:



The template:




In the mail I get this:





Anyone has an idea what might be the problem?



Thanks in advance!


Use {!$User.FirstName} instead.

This is return the running user's first name.




Hmm I'm afraid this won't work.


If I use user instead of receivinguser, the name of the current user is shown in the approval email instead of the name of the actual approver.


It looks like you can only use that merge field for Mass Emails.


"The merge fields {!Receiving_User.field_name} and {!Sending_User.field_name} work only in email templates used for mass emails"



Siva GundaSiva Gunda
I have a similar issue in Approval process.
A email template designed from 3 users to 3 Managers.
Example 1.HR 1. HR Manager
2. Financial Officer 2. Financial Approval Officer.

Work flow works well.
Depending on the user, manager is getting the emails.
now in the email Body, what should i mention in the To User Field.

Dear (Manager)

Please approve the following.


What should i use in the (Manager) to mention his name?

I can directly use the custom object field {!GrantAward__c.FOName__c}
but i have multiple users to send. cant mention all the Managers fields in the template.

Tom EllisTom Ellis

Apparently the merge field for the recipient is "Target_User" so the syntax to use would be: {!Target_User.FirstName}

I tried this though and unfortunately it sent it with a blank :-(