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Account owner on detail page layout

Ok, the situation is as follows:

I've created a custom object "Commercial Agreement", linked with the Account object through a master-detail relationship.


I'd like to show the account owner on the commercial agreement record's page lay-out.

But when creating a custom formula (text) field, I can't choose the account owner field..




Any idea why? Is there another way to show the account owner on the commercial agreement page layout?


Hello Sapamrm,


I had the same issue before and this helped me.

Create a simple formula field and use IF condition to check for the owner ID and display the full name.

Ex: IF(Account.OwnerID='123456789abcdef', "John Smith", none)


I know this is not a very good solution if there are hundreds of users. But will serve the purpose if there r less users.

Also, note that the formula field will compile only 5,000 characters.


-- VK

Ritesh AswaneyRitesh Aswaney

Owner is a polymorphic field, because an Account may be owned by a User or a Queue, for eg.


Hence why no access directly to the owner's fields.


You might want to create a custom owner field and have the value stamped in it using an Apex Trigger, which keeps the Custom and Default Owner values in sync.