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Want to create single picklist object that can be used across multiple objects (Accounts, Opptys)

I'm new to Salesforce so this may be an easy one:

I would like to create a Picklist whose values I can manage in one place but will be included in multiple objects.

For example, I want to create a Picklist called End User Types.

It will have the values: Hospital, Restaurant, University, etc.

I want to add the End User Types picklist  to Account, Opportunities, Leads, and other custom objects. 

Most importantly, I don't want the user to have to do a Lookup of the values.  I want it to look like a regular Picklist within Account, Opportunities, etc.

It will show up as a dropdown.

But I can manage the values in one place rather than creating separate Picklists within each object (Account, Opportunities, etc.)


It seems that I can do this with custom java development, but that is beyond my skillset.  Isn't there another way?




Ankit AroraAnkit Arora

Hi connafinn,


One way to do this by creating a component which will show your picklist values and you can use it any where. But if you want to do it natively then I am sorry there is no way to do so.



Ankit Arora

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You would need to create a visualforce page with a <apex:selectList> element and a custom controller or extension that would query your custom obj with the vals and load them into the picklist using the <apex:selectOptions> tag.


I think there is a way to add a VF component to a standard page, but I am not sure and have never done it.


Otherwise, lookups are just the Salesforce way of doing things.


Or how about a lookup field to a custom object that is referenced from multiple objects.  Then the values can just be created in one area and looked up.  It's not perfect, but it seems better than some of these other suggestions.

I am facing the same problem ....can u please tell me the solution..
Jonas WalkerJonas Walker
This might be helpful.  Let us know