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Bug with Data Loader's Bulk mode?

I am experiencing a strange behavior with Data Loader’s bulk mode:

It doesn’t properly match error messages to the rows that caused the errors.

For instance, say we have the following data in the source CSV file [data is broken into 3 batches by the DL]:

1 data1

2 data2

3 data3


If data3 row caused an error DL can ‘lie’ saying that data2 caused it.

I believe this has something to do with the way DL breaks down data into batches.

I thought that if I enabled the sequential mode the issue would be gone, but it still doesn’t work

Has anyone experienced the same thing?


P.S. pressing 'Preview' tab in IE 8 deletes what you typed in the post!


Bump...I have experienced this also. Does anybody have any idea why this is, or how to prevent it?


On a similar note, I have also found that as the batch size is increased, there is an increased likelihood that the job will not complete even though some (but not all) records uploaded. In these situations, I will get success and error files with 0 records in them.