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Custom Link to file on internal server



I would like to create a custom link in Salesforce to a spreadsheet stored on our network (internal drive). I do not want to simply upload the spreadsheet to the Documents area and link from there, as the spreadsheet will be updated regularly outside of Salesforce by another group and I need the custom link to point to the dynamic version of the spreadsheet.


I have tried a few options, including the External Attachments app, linking through the Documents tab, using a Hyperlink field, following the instructions for a Custom Attachments object via the "Offline file storage links" instructions on Help & Training... none of them seem to produce the results I need. The Salesforce support line suggested I try this board, so hopefully someone here can assist.


I believe I need a custom formula field that points directly to the file on our server. The pathway to that file is as follows:

\\earth\engineering\Bidding\Sales Module estimates.xlsx


Again, the spreadsheet will be updated regularly outside of Salesforce, and I need the link to point to the latest, greatest, constantly updated version stored on our server rather than a static version saved somewhere within Salesforce and essentially frozen in time.


Hopefully this makes sense. If it matters, I plan on including the link on two page layouts in the Opportunities object.


Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer and please let me know if any further clarification is required.

Ritesh AswaneyRitesh Aswaney

If the path to the file is http addressable, eg http://localserver/path/.... you could possibly use a Custom Web Tab to point to it. Or a Quick Link, which can be pinned to the sidebar.


mmiyara, did you ever manage to solve this? I'm struggling with exaclty the same problem at the moment!




Unfortunately, no. I was unable to find a workable solution within Salesforce so we elected to tackle the problem from an outside angle.


Thanks for getting back to me mmiyara!


May I ask what exaclty you mean with this outside angle? How did you solve your problem?



Thank you.


We did not use Salesforce at all to solve the problem. We simply sent out a link for people to save that directed them to the file on our internal server. As long as the file is saved with the same name every time it is updated, that link will always point to the latest version of the file.


I would have preferred to house the link within Salesforce but since it pointed to our server (rather than the web) I was unable to do so.


Ok thank you.


I know it's possible because I've done it 2 years ago, but unfortunately I seem to have forgotten how I did it back then.

I created a case at Salesforce support and hope they will be able to help me with this!


Hi Sapamrm, right now we are looking into this.  Has SFDC been able to help you with this?

Mary HealyMary Healy
Did you get an answer to this as I really want to be able to do it too