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Mick MuMick Mu 

Salesforce to Salesforce

Hi All, does anyone know if its possible to do a select from one salesforce org to the other?


So for example an account is shared from org1 to org2 could i then run a trigger on org2 to select all related opportunities on that account from org1? and then get org1 to share them with org2?


thanks all



No, it is not possible. You can, however, enable sharing between the two orgs for Opportunities as well as Accounts, and then you can execute a trigger on the Opportunity when it arrives.

Mick MuMick Mu

ah right! in that case then is there anyway i can use apex to accept opps that have been sent over? theres a list of opps awaiting acceptance but im not sure what if any fields on the opporunity I can use to accomplish this.