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Extremetly Urgent ( Can we generate images into PDF)

HI All,

Is there anyway we can generate images into "PDF" by using any tool.


I know we can to by uploading into doc or else as static resource... But i will generate graphs dynamically.




Madhan Raja MMadhan Raja M

If you are using Visualforce page then it is possible by Rendering a Page as a PDF.


Try this link: http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/pages/Content/pages_quick_start_renderas_pdf.htm

You can generate graph in Visualforce page dynamically and convert it to PDF.


Madhan Raja M




Can we build google stacked chart in SFDC & can generate as PDF..



Madhan Raja MMadhan Raja M

I have not worked on Google stacked chart inside Visualforce page. If you can try and bring Google stacked chart inside Visualforce  page then we can convert it to PDF.


Madhan Raja M