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Live agent auto query and 1-Click Fast Fill for getting customer records problem

HI All,

I am new to costomization , i connfigured my developer account with live agent, I have used " customer portal " for Deployment . I have succes with configuration. The problem is "Auto -Qurey" and 1-Click Fast Fill is not working , I have used Auto query for getting customer details with help of developerguide as shown in below.

// An auto query that searches contacts whose email field matches "sridhar@advanz.com"
liveagent.addCustomDetail('Contact E-mail', 'sridhar@advanz.com').map('Contact', 'Email', false,
// A fast-fill to populate a contact’s name with "Sridhar Reddy"
liveagent.addCustomDetail('Contact Name', 'Sridhar Reddy').map('Contact', 'Name', true, false);
// Saves the custom detail to a custom field on LiveChatTranscript at the end of a chat
liveagent.addCustomDetail('Company', 'advanz').saveToTranscript('Company__c');
// Overrides the display name of the visitor in the agent console when engaged in a chat
liveagent.setName('Sridhar Reddy');
liveagent.init('https://d.la1t1.salesforceliveagent.com/chat', '57290000000L29N', '00D90000000i9CQ');


when customer intiate chat I am not getting any customer name("Sridhar Reddy) , i am gettig "visitor" and the contact is not auto- populated . i am not using " any pre-chat form" any one can help me how they works?