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Display a visualforce hosted in partner portal from an external System

Hello Everybody , 


We have a business need , which is to develop a visualforce in partner portal so we can create , read and modify a lead (the modification is not possible with force.com Sites). 


One this page is developed , we need once a user is connected to an external system , and click a tab , he could visualize the VF page without trying to login again (with partner portal credentiels). 


Is there a way to satisfy this need? 


I really count on your help to decide the solution 


(We wanted to user Force.com Sites first , but the VF pages are not secured because they are public , and with force.com Sites we cannot modify a standard object (Lead for example)).


Many Thanks

Ker DeveloperKer Developer

Can anybody Help Please?


May be this code is useful for you...



public boolean checkAuthontication()
       list<profile> pflist;
       pflist = [Select p.name, p.id, p.UserLicense.Name From Profile p where p.UserLicense.Name like '%Guest%'];  
       boolean profileflag = true;
       for(profile pf : pflist)
           if(UserInfo.getProfileId() == pf.id)
               profileflag = false;
       if(UserInfo.getUserId() != null && profileflag)
           return true;
            PageReference pg1 = new PageReference('/apex/unauthorised');
            return false;