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If Statement in Custom Report Link

Hello - I am new to doing more complex language in Custom Report Links and needed some help.  I am trying to create a dynamic link that will check the user's Region ("Americas") and then pull in a different report based on that factor.  


I keep getting a syntax error.  Do i need to encase the report links in some url brackets?







Mike @ BlackTabMike @ BlackTab

You may have to encode the url, for example replace " / " with " %2F "




Pls try this 


{! IF( ISPICKVAL($User.Region__c,"Americas"),  /00O80000005EMGc?pv0={!Campaign.Id} ',  

      '/00O800000057qbj?pv0={!Campaign.Id}' ) }



you can put the link also in  HYPERLINK ( '/00O80000005EMGc?pv0={!Campaign.Id}', friendly_name [, target] )

and use this hyper link ,where you are giving dierect link eg:


{ ! IF( ISPICKVAL($User.Region__c,"Americas"),

    HYPERLINK ( '/00O80000005EMGc?pv0={!Campaign.Id}', link name  ),  

    HYPERLINK (  '/00O800000057qbj?pv0={!Campaign.Id}' ,link name)  




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Ashlekh Gera