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VOIP implementation

Hi ,

I would like to implement VOIP integeration in my organization, my requiremet is that if any customer give us a call if it is our contact , so we can directly receive the call through VOIP. I  installed 8*8 virtual office for saleforce.com but struggled to move ahead with the configuration.


I am  also not sure what kind of device I need to attach in my PC and whether I need to attach any device or it can work with out attaching any device as well.


Can any body help me moving ahead, appeciate any direction on this.


Thanks for sharing the information, do you have any thing specific to SFDC?

Chris WoodwardChris Woodward
Hello, kvinggupta!

If you're still looking for a software to integrate Salesforce with 8x8 for your organization, I recommend Tenfold, a 3rd party CTI tool.

Tenfold's features include click-to-call that eliminates misdialing of phone numbers, automatic call logging that saves you time by getting rid of useless clicks, a caller ID (screen pop) that shows relevant customer/prospect information, and a call analytics dashboard that can be used for reporting and gamification of call activities.

You can learn more about the Salesforce - 8x8 integration via Tenfold here: