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Dashboard deplyment error?

I am trying to deploy 3 reports and 6 dashboard components (2 on each underlying report) when I get this starnge error:

The values of chartSummary and/or groupingColumn are not compatible with the autoselectColumnsFromReport mode for ColumnStacked


But the issue is that, the autoselectColumnsFromReport is false(as it should be) and my stacked bar chart in the dashboards have the correct groupings and summerizing and are in sync with the underlying reports(they work fine in source system)

The target system has NO reports and dashboards so no question of any conflict.

Did anyone face similar issue?


Thanks in advance



Hi Sankalita, 


Please try and let us know if the below steps solve this issue. 


1. You will need to extract the dashboard metadata from the packaging org. 
2. Locate the problematic dashboard and it will be in a folder of the same name 

View the source of this which should look something like this: 

<metricLabel>My YTD Utilization, in %</metricLabel> 

and add <axisBinding>y</axisBinding> to the chart summary section like this 

If your question is answered, Please accept this post as Solved. 
Hi Ashish,

Thank you for your message.. But the issue was somewhere else. It is
actually related to the api name of the underlying report to the dashboard.
One of the dashboard component's source report had its api name changed and
this was giving the error. The confusing part is that, even if you change
the api name, in the same environment you will not find any issue, but
during deployment you will get the issue... so we had to recreate the
dashboard component in source env and thereafter migrate...

Thanks again for helping out!