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Permissions for classes and triggers

Hi All


I just logged into salesforce edition but i want to write classes and triggers but i was surprised i cant find classes and triggers under develop.In which edition should i login so i can be able to write classes and triggers.


Well if its a full fledged org! I mean a production Org. You cannot write directly Apex classes and triggers. You have a to create a sandbox and you can develop the same in sandbox.

have a look here http://ap1.salesforce.com/help/doc/en/data_sandbox_create.htm


Or alternative you can check “Author Apex" permission at user level. But I dont think this is the case, since you are able to see the classes list view and no new button I guess


In Developer , sandbox organisation you can able to write classes and triggers by login under Develop. In production organisation you can add those but can view existing classes and triggers.


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Can you confirm which edition of Salesforce.com are you using? If this is a free edition, then you may want to check if you signed up for a Developer Edition or for a trial edition, which is a Professional Edition. Professional Edition does not support Apex and VF development, so you will not see this option under Setup.


If you can confirm the edition, maybe I can help you better.