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ERROR: Invalid Cross Reference ID

Hello everyone,


I'm having an issue migrating data into a Force.com org. I'm trying to import [user.csv] data that I exported from and old Force.com org trial edition into a new Force.com org via .csv files & 'Apex Data Loader' my problem is that when I attempt to 'insert' the CSV into my new Force.com org and map the fields I get the 'Invalid Cross Reference ID' error for every user that I was attempting to import into the org. I've done some research and I believe that this error is referring to the 'Profile ID' of the users I'm trying to import. It seems that you cannot import data that you exported from one org to another without first_____? That's where I need assistance. Any advice is appreciated.


When you're importing data that references other data (such as Users referencing Profiles), you need to make sure that the references point to valid objects on the site that you're importing into.


In your case, you need to update your .csv to point those users to the IDs of existing profiles on the site that you're importing the users in to.  Which may require that you first create those profiles if you had a bunch of custom profiles that you were using.


Hope that helps!




Salesforce Id's different from org to Org [It referes same ID's when production->Sandbox]. So I think you are trying to load other org SalesforceId.



Thank you for your responses. Whenever I attempt to create those profiles, I get an error telling me that I can't because the users I'm trying to create already exist.


It worked! Thank you!


Hi Goblin,


I'm having the same problem. Can you please tell me what should I do in order to resolve this problem.