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Multiple field dependencies



I have three fields of type pickiest -  type (values -  v1,v2),product (p1,p2,p4), technology (t1,t2,t3,t4,t4)


I have a field dependency between product and technology. My requirement is based on the type selected the products and their corresponding technology values should change in the drop downs of product and technology.


My scenarios are: for v1 we can have p1,p2 and p1  can have t1,t4

                                 for v2 we can have p1,p2,p3 and p1 can have t1,t4


So the main problem is based on the type selection the products should change and the technologies should change based on the product.


Both v1 and v2 could have same products and underneath same products technology might change.


Could anyone suggest me how we can implement this.


Thanks in advance.





Did you tried creating Dependency btn Type and Product so if  v1------->p1,p2 and v2----> p1,p2,p3 again create dependency between product and technology so if p1---->t1,t4





hi sravu,


we can able to implement this by setting the dependencies for the three picklists which u have already in ur object.


can u please explain ur problem again and your scenarios too.. so that we can see the problem and try solving it by finding a solution in this or else in other way...