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A Little Favor with the integration of salesforce.com


hi all,


Can anyone please help me in working out to Integrate the Salesforce.com with Microsoft Office. I am trying to generate a PowerPoint Presentation of a Visual Force Page with properly aligned slides in the powerpoint. 


first simply i tried generating using the attribute in the <apex:Page> called ContentType. it simply downloads all the contents without formatting and without slide breaks.


so please give me a suggestion regarding this and help me in completing this.



Thanks in advance,


SFDC Learner.


You should try using Conga Composer - it will likely be a much more scalable and maintainable solution for you.



hi arkus,


I searched for that conga composer in net and found that it is an app in the app exchange. As i am new to the SFDC, i dont know how to access the application from the app exchange and where can i find how to use the conga composer?


1. First of all, how can i get the app and get installed in my login?

2. Is that an external software where i have to download from there and install like an ordinary software in my system?





SFDC Learner.



Have you got 'Getting Started Guide' they provide on the appexchange?



The document seems to include system requirements and installation instructions.

And as it's supported app, you can contact the provider for more details and help.