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Product with options

Our company sells machine to the customers.

We are kind of new to salesforce.


We are trying to find the best way to add machine options to product.

for example, we have machine sales qty of 1 for $10,000 with option1 qty of 1 for $1500.

In product, I can add machine for $10,000, but don't know how we should handle options.

Right now, we put machine for $11,500 and options in comment.


It looks salesforce does not have capability to do BOM(bill of materials).


I don't want to add another product line for option1 because it is one machine sale and it will screw up forecast qty.


Does anyone know if there is any good way in salesforce? or good application available?


Thank you,


With the native features, thats almost all you can do OR


1) Create an addition product called options thats list is 1,500... That may not be a bad idea, then you can easily report on how many add on were sold while not affective the qty of machines sold.


2) Create a field under Oppurtunity Product, a check box maybe, call it Option and write a rule to add 1500 to the price if checked...


Thats my two cents, good luck!