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Force.com Sandbox: in Subject of Email

Every email I send out from the sandbox has the words Force.com Sandbox:M in the subject. Im trying to test some workflow emails but I need to strip the "Force.com Sandbox:" verbiage out of the subject of the email. Anyone know how to do this in sandbox? Maybe there is a setting>


That text is automatically prepended to the subject so that recipients will know the messages did not come from their production environment. This is an enhancement put in place because it was sometimes difficult for users to distinguish if errors/messages/etc were coming from production or sandbox, particularly when workflow rules were set up with delayed actions months or years down the line. As far as I am aware, there is no way to turn that feature off. You may want to call technical support and they can confirm if that is the case (and if not, you probably have to go through them to turn this feature off).