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Anyone using ColdFusion & Java?


I've got my java app running interactively at the DOS command prompt. It logs on to SalesForce, accesses info, etc. just fine.  However, when I try to run it in the ColdFusion environment with <CFOBJECT> it dies without a trace (no exceptions thrown) when it attempts to create a SOAP message via the messageFactory,createMessage() method. The message factory object instantiates properly the statement immediately preceding this. I suspect a ColdFusion environment problem, but am not sure. Any suggestions?


mike kreadenmike kreaden
It is likely that you are running into a known AXIS compatability problem with sforce (ColdFusion uses AXIS as its SOAP server).  We are working on a fix, and will notify all (on the announcement board) when it is resolved.
Has this been resolved? What was the solution?
Do you know what version of Axis ColdFusion uses? The problem has been resolved with Axis 1.1, but there are issues with Axis 1.0.
ColdFusion MX 6.1 uses Axis 1.1 - But I am still getting an error. Argh...

Could not generate stub objects for web service invocation.  Is the error I am getting.

I know this thread is a bit old ... but I was able to get the Web Service login invocation to work. I am not sure though that you would be able to use ColdFusion for this directly.

In the documentation you need to add the sessionID in the SOAP header and specify the serverURL. Since CF has abstracted that layer (with good intentions), I am not sure you can do this directly through CF.

By the way I am having a brain fart, if I have created all of the JAVA files in a directory like


(which also has a fault and sobject directory)

How would I compile these so that I can create a JAR file and stick it in my JRun server?