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The xmlrpc.jar file of SalesForce.com is not the same xmlrpc.jar from xmlrpc.org. I read somewhere you don't support xml-rpc client. we already did a lot of work using xmlrpc.jar. what we should do.




Hi peilei,

You can use XML-RPC to your heart's content.  Support for XML-RPC going forward will diminish and support for SOAP will increase.  One of our goals is to maintain backward compatibility for our customers who are currently invested in XML-RPC while at the same time, gently pushing people to convert their solutions to SOAP. 

In the not too distant future, the benefits of using SOAP over XML-RPC will be compelling enough to justify the migration effort.



Thank you.   

 I tried the sample codes using APIs 2.0 using apache axis 1.1,  I can run the demo using endpointURL :


but I got the unknown protocol https if I use https://www.salesforce.com/servlet/servlet.SoapApi.

Could you help me pinpoint what is the problem.


I use the classes in DemoSamples.zip and download axis 1.1. I know some of the java source files are autogenerated. For developing my project, could I use the existing java classes in DemoSamples.zip or I need re generate them.


Thank you