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Question on OpportunityLineItemSchedule

I am trying to create opportunityLineItemSchedule..

I created the OpportunityLineItem and then used the returning ID to create the Opp Line schedule.

Though the associated product has schedule type set to "Divide" and the number of installments = 12 , when adding new opp line item schedue, I just get a single schedule with the complete value and not divided among 12 months time period.

I tried to set the OpportunityLineItem's HasRevenueSchedule Field to true. It throws up error.

How can I add Opp Line Item Schedule so that it is divided among 12 months? Should I add 12 individual schedules????

Thank you,





In Addition to this


Our Java File For OpportunityLineItemSchedule .java (generated using the client's Enterprise.XML file)

has the fields

 private java.lang.String description;
    private java.util.Calendar lastModifiedDate;
    private com.sforce.soap.enterprise.ID opportunityLineItemId;
    private java.lang.Double quantity;
    private java.lang.Double revenue;
    private java.util.Date scheduleDate;
    private java.util.Calendar systemModstamp;
    private java.lang.String type;


There does not seem to be a way to schedule it yearly.


Please help!.


thank You. we got this working. We added the lineItemSchedule 12 times.