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Remove related list but keep hover link on a record detail page

Hi All,


I have a requirement of removing the notes and attachment related list from the record detail page of an object but making the notes and attachment link on the top of the page to be visible where the user can hover the mouse to see the details.


It is not a vf page but a standard one. Please let me know how to proceed with this.


Thanks in advance,




Hi Dave,


There is no standard way to achieve this.

But following solution will work surely :


1. Create Java script based Home Page component.

2. In Javascript first check for URL and confirm that the Javascript should run only on Lets say opportunity page.

3. Then Using firebug or any other tool (or manually) find the Id of the relates list in that page.

4. Hide that component having that Id / classname uisng javascript.


Note : It will not work if the sidepanel is disabled.


I can think only for this solution, if any one have other solution please share.