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can you tell me workflow rules?

waht is mean by workflow rules and alerts pls tell me clearly about workflow &approvales .then iwant difference between workflow and approvals 


WHen you are logged in to your instance just click on help on the top right side of the page.


Then search for workflows and approvals, which will give you almost all clarity probably you need.


But in short :


1. Workflow Rules : There are process to automate the business logic when the records meet a criteria.  Example you can perform various actions based on a particular value of a picklist in a record. Lets say the case records has a picklist value escalated. You can have a rule that can send an email to someone when the carse records is set to escalated or you have update any other field on the case records or some other object records. These are automated process and will fire once the criteria is met.


2. Approval Process : This is a part of the automation where you can specify certain criteria to approve a record or reject a record. Lets say you want a Lead can qualify for an event if the Lead income is more than $50000 and the Lead should be approved by a higher management. By using Approval process you can send the record to higher management for approval. The actions there  will be performed only if the records goes to the approver and the actions will depend upon the response  from the Approver. So if the record is approved then the actions can be different and the actions will be different when the record is rejected.  But in Workflow there is no such approver and the actions are performed when the record meets the criteria.



Hope I did not confuse much.

yes iam clear about that subject

When i try to explain the differences, i alway give the following rule of thumb:


Approval processes are triggered by somebody hitting a button on screen (usually the submit button). 


Workfow rules are triggered by the system encountering some condition, usually a condition on a date, like 'the system date is 3 days before the order due date' or something.


I know it is not 100% perfect, but in practice it is true most of the times. Hope this helps.


Br, Marco 




Go to ->App setup-> create-> workflow Rules then click on Help for this Page.

And in the same way App setup-> create-> Approval process and Click on Help for this page.


This Documentation will guide you in proper way and that is right place to learn about any topic.