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Deleting a List of records


I am encountering problems in a mass delete. I am passing all the records that needs to be deleted to a list and then giving one command to delete the list. Would this be considered as 1 DML statement?
Correct me if I am wrong, the maximum list size is 1000 and the maximum number of DML statements allowed is 100 so Ideally I should be able to delete 100 lists or 100000 records.

For example
I am trying to delete a list of records in Object1
Object1List = [select Id from Object1];
delete Object1List;
lets say that size of Object1List is 250. So when I delete the Object1List will it be counted as 1 DML statement or as 250 DML Statements.

I keep getting Too Many DML rows for the same situation in my development environment.