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Print Anything and long text field

Hi All,


We have 3 HTML templates used by Print Anything to print out quotes. We have a long text field on the Accounts object containing the terms and conditions for each account, this is specific to each account. The formatting and spacing is correct in the UI but when this field is added to the Print Anything template, all the formatting and spaces are removed and only large continues text is displayed. Has anybody found a way to display the long text field with all the formatting and spacing intact?


Also when printing the Print Anything template the header displayes "Printable View" and the page number, and the footer displayes the salesforce web address and date. Is there a way this can be removed?


I have attached examples of my questions. Any assistance on this will be greatly appreciated!






Matt Tuomala (dev)Matt Tuomala (dev)
you need to have the HTML mark up in the text field. {contact.name}