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What happen after lead convertion?

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What happen after lead convertion?


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When you convert a lead, Salesforce creates a new account, contact, and, optionally, an opportunity using the information from the lead.

Any campaign members are moved to the new contact and the lead becomes read only. If an existing account and contact have the same names as those specified on the lead, you can choose to update the existing account and contact. Information from the lead is inserted only into blank fields; Salesforce does not overwrite existing account and contact data.

All open and closed activities from the lead are attached to the account, contact, and opportunity. You can assign the owner of the records, and schedule a follow-up task.


When you assign a new owner, only the open activities are assigned to the new owner. If you have custom lead fields, that information can be inserted into custom account, contact, or opportunity fields. Converted leads can't be viewed, although they appear in lead reports. Salesforce updates the Last Modified Date and Last Modified By system fields on converted leads when picklist values included on converted leads are changed.


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