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Relationship between recordtype/object/profile/user?

Relatively new to Salesforce, so I'm studying the docs trying to make sense of it all. I found the ERDs here:


... which are very helpful. But I cannot find in them how standard objects are related to profiles/page layouts. Don't they need to be in order to link a record type to a page layout?


Page layouts report to a record, then a object....


So if you had "Cases" which is a object, when some one went to view a perticular "case number" which is a record. Once open they would be reviewing the "Layout" that you assigned to the record that they are seeing.


Profiles deterine if you can see the case object, and what records types within that object.


Watch some videos on you tube or go to SalesForce.com site for training videos.




Thanks for the reply.  What you say makes sense.


Any reason I don't see PageLayout in the ERDs?  (or maybe they're there, I'm just overlooking them).


Thanks again!  :smileyhappy: