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Page Layout Detail - Sections - Collapsable state controlable by a picklist ?

Is it possible to control which page layout Sections (detail view) are open or closed? have this defined from a picklist field


Not using VF, the standard page layout.


For instance I have a custom object page, there is a pick list with values of = Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage3, Stage 4 etc

I have Page Layout Sections that are named correspondingly (Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3 etc)


I would like to know if anyone has done or knows of the technology to use to control - if picklist = Stage 2, then All sections will be closed except Stage 2 will be open.


I've searched and can only find some info, on interaction with VF pages and Javascript. to achieve this.


Are we able to control the open or close state of a page layout section, using a standard page layout  (not VF page)? Can we use Javascript (or some other solution) to some how, read a field (even if displayed on the page) and then control which sections are opened or closed?


This would really be great .


Did you ever figure out a way to achieve this?  As we can't dynamically resize an inline VF page I was hoping we would be able to do something like this and just collpase the whole section automatically on the detail page when you don't want the VF page to be displayed.