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Hard coded Production Org Id in codes are updated on sandbox refresh!!



I have few s-control and one Apex class where I have hardcoded the 15 char Production org Id in it. Intention for hardcoding the Prod Org Id can be found from the below logic.



IF (currentOrgId = Environments.PROD_ORG_ID){
    //handle it seriously
   //handle it casually ;)

Now the problem is, each time when the sandboxes are refreshed, the Production org id stored in the public static variable PROD_ORG_ID will be overwritten with the org Id of that particular sandbox!!.Why!


WHY SFDC overwrites these values in the code ?And that too "without permission"!?

Sandbox org Id is readily available by UserInfo.getOrganizationId() call, then why the variables are updated.

I  couldn't find any document which mention about this Org Id update.


Any solution for masking the hardcoded orgId from being overwritten on sandbox refresh? please help me on this





I think you are missing one equal chat


If(currentOrgId == Enviroments.PROD_ORG_ID){




Otherwise, you are assigning the static value to the current org id variable, and thats always true.