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Dynamic URL Redirection


I have the below requirement.


When i submit a record for approval, a mail will be triggered to the Approver with link to the record.

Current procedure is The Approver has to login to company portal(Not SFDC username and password) and then click on SFDC link to login to salesforce(Single Sign On) and then he should redirect to the actual record to Approve/Reject.


Actual Requirement: When he clicks on the link it should redirect to the company portal where he login to the portal by his username and password(Not SFDC username and password). once he login, he should directly view the record which is submitted for approval. (i.e., he should be able to dynamically redirect to the record which is mentioned in the email).

How can we do this? Any idea, please suggest.


Thank you in Advance,


Hi All, 


Can anyone please let me know how can i do this? atleast any one who worked on similar requirements, please share your thoughts.


Thank you in Advance.


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I have similar requirement.Any idea on this.