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Unable to install Opportunity Page layout in Canvas app

We have a managed Canvas app where we integrate our cloud collaboration service with Salesforce in a couple of different places.  One is a dedicated tab, the other is a modified layout of the Opportunity page where we create a viewport through which our application can be accessed as part of the Opportunity detail area.


The problem we are having is that when we package the app and install it into another org, everything installs correctly except for the modified layout Opportunity page.  We can't seem to find any way to get that new layout to transfer as part of the install.  It's vital that we solve this problem.  Can anyone help?


Hi DrewStoddard,


Please see the considerations for including page layouts in packages,


The page layout of the person uploading a package is the layout used for Group and Professional Edition organizations and becomes the default page layout for Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer Edition organizations.

Page layouts should be packaged alongside complimentary record types if the layout is being installed on an existing object. Otherwise, the installed page layouts must be manually applied to profiles.

If a page layout and a record type are created as a result of installing a package, then the uploading user’s page layout assignment for that record type is assigned to that record type for all profiles in the subscriber organization unless a profile is mapped during an install or upgrade.




Ashish, Salesforce.com

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Thank you for your response.  I've read over these senteces a dozen times and I still can't understand how to apply them to solving my problem.  Is it possible for you to give me a simpler explanation as to why my specific case is not working?


Our case is rather simple: we have created a modified Opportunity detail layout that we wish to install for all users who install our application.  We certainly don't want each user to have to manually apply the layout change.  This does not seem like an unusual or unreasonable request.  We believe that other AppExchange apps accomplish this.


Does this explanation make sense?


Your canvas app should be in a Visualforce component. You can test the installation and verify that the component has been installed.

Your app will not update any existing page layouts, Customers have full control over page layout customization, so we respect that by not letting apps overwrite them. Admins can easily add your component to any needed page layouts for corresponding profiles. As a best practice you should include these steps in an installation guide for your app.