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How to see all objects a user owns?

I think this should be an easy question. How can I determine/see all objects a user owns?

There must be an easy way to do this.


what do you mean by Obejct owns by  a user I think use may not own object but user can own records of objects. can you please eleborate it more.

Yes, sorry that is what I mean, the records.

Directly you can not do it. Because you only can query on any one Sobject at a time not all so in one shot you can not find which object's record you own ?

Thanks for thr replies....

Can it be done through the UI? What I'm trying to do is find an easy way to transfer all the records owned across all objects to a new user.

Is there a way to do that?

for this you need to apply SOQL individual objects and then can get records you own and then update ownerdi field I think this would be a good approach 


You can not do it on UI in so many records easily..


Also have you looked at the Mass Transfer Option in Set up. You should be able to query and change ownership through the UI.



Satish Kumar