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How can I enable Contact and Account information in to the Customer Portal.



 I have enabled two tabs(Object1, Object 2) into the customer portal.

These two objects have the lookup to Account and Contact. After creating Object1 record I can the account and contacts but the link is not coming. When I click on the link the page should navigate to Account or Contact page.


Any help is Appreciated.


Hi ,


    Did check that did u enable fields in Customer Portal Profiles or not.


Hey in my custom objects i have Account field. It showing the Account Name but the link is not coming i don't know why it is not coming but i want when i click on the link the pag should navigate to Account page.

<apex:outputLink value="/{!a.Id}">{!a.name}</apex:outputLink>

Try this one.


It is not a visualforce page Standatd page.
the account is lookup so automatically it should come with the link. account link is showing in the SFDC account but not in Customer Portal, Is i need give any permssions or Am i missing anything pelase any one help me.