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Dashboard not deployed properly

I have created a Dashboard and 3 reports on Sandbox box1. All 3 reports are included in Dashboard and are placed in folder1 and Dashboard is plaved in Folder2. Now to deplo this on another sandbox box2, i have created changest on box1 with following comoponents -

1. Folder1

2. Folder2

3. Dashboard

4. 3 Reports


Push this changeset on box2 but dashboard is not deployed propely on box2, When i run Dashboard then it only showing 1 report instead of 3 reports. As far as permissions are concerened i have given public access to both folder1 and folder2. any othe permission required? Any idea?

Jia HuJia Hu
In your Sandbox 2, did you have 3 reports in the Folder 1?
If the reports are there, when you open the Dashboard, did you get any error message?

Yes Jia, i have all 3 reports present in Folder1 on box2. Also not getting any error alert while opening Dashboard.

Jia HuJia Hu
Then use Eclipse to download the Dashboard meta data and compare the meta data in two Sandboxs.
And make sure you have deployed the Dashboard from Sandbox 1 to 2 successfully.