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Can a detail be a master in another M-D Relationship

If a custom object is a detail or subdetail component in a master-detail relationship, it can't also be the master of a different master-detail relationship.


From the link:




But in my org, I am able to do that. Please clarify!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Raj,


I have been trying different combinations of M-D relationships with Custom objects after I saw your post. So since trouble shooting didn't help I went with twitter. The below twitter conversation will answer your doubt.



Let me know if it didn't answer.


Yeah i thought the same, that it was not yet updated.


And also if you try to make a detail(detail having 2 masters) as master,then it will not work.

If you have for the detail(only one master) then you can make it as master. 

Correct me if I am wrong.


Yep, sounds correct ;)