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Relating Consumers With Accounts and Opportunities



First off, do not have an enterprise edition so using person accounts is off the table, unfortunately.  Without using person accounts, what are the best practices to building a custom object(s) that will store the consumer data while having a one-to-many relationship with both accounts and opportunities?  As far as I can tell, custom objects can only be the child in a master-detail relationship with a standard object which would mean there would be one account to many consumers when in fact we need that to be the other way around, one consumer to many businesses.  It seems then the only way to do that would be to not use the standard objects account and opportunity, and instead build three custom objects with the consumer object being the parent in each of the master-detail relationships.


Anybody built something similiar in Group or Professional edition?  What were some of the biggest challenges and disadvantages?



Ritesh AswaneyRitesh Aswaney

My $0.02


Use Account, Opportunities and Consumer

The way I look at it Account : Consumer and Consumer : Opportunity ought to be many:many relationships ?


Use 2 Junction Objects to effect n:n between Account, Consumer and Opportunity, Consumer


so Account - Consumer Account - Consumer


Opportunity - Consumer Opportunity - Opportunity