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Customer Portal User Licenses Issue

HI, All


I m Using developer free edition of force.com in that i m having user liceances for different profile. problem is that i have created clone porfile of Customer Portal Manager or High Volume Customer Portal but when i try to create new user in that i am not able to see that profile even also not able to see Customer Portal Manager or High Volume Customer Portal in User Licenses .....


i m just able to see only 3 user licences when i create new user [Salesforce Platform, Force.com - Free, Chatter Free   ]


how can i access that User Licenses ?????? is there any setting for that ????


may be u running out of user lincenses.

for developer edition total 5 user licenses are allowed.

Out of which 2 for customer portal user.

U should crosscheck it.




Thanks for reply


No but i m having 10 user licences for customer portal...


i m solved that problem i m doing customer portal setting in wrong way so i m getting problem


Ramya VagdeviRamya Vagdevi

Hi Hitesh,

Can you please mention the solution by which you have resolved your issue ..



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