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Send email alert to notify users after 90 days of inactivity

I am looking for a solution to automatically send an email alert to users who have not logged in to SF in the past 90 days (based on thier last login history field. I attempted a workflow/email alert but the User object is not available as a selection. Please help!

You cant set any workflow rule on user object. But you can easily achieve above functionality using batch scheduling, Schedule a batch class , which will run on daily basis, Here you can get the users who didn't login past 90 days , and sent them notification mails. If you have any difficulties for set up batch class and scheduler, let us know . Hope This will help you, Thanks, Bala

Hi, and thanks for the information. I am unfamiliar with a batch class and don't know how to do that. If you can help that would be great. Thanks.



  Did you got succeded in sending out msg when user didn't logged in last 90days? am looking for similar thing could you please post your solution.




Hi Team,

Do you any one have the apex batch class for this. If yes, please share with me. I also have the same requirement. Thanks

Leanne MallachLeanne Mallach
Could someone please respond to CJ413121 and sam_Admin?  There are a few of us who are trying to accomplish the same thing but need help. Please provide more information about a "batch class".  Thanks so much.