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Word MergeFields with if statements on Salesforce Merge issue

I'm pretty new to using Word Mergefields with Salesforce.


I have an if formula that I want to look at the value of a MergeField and either return a blank or the mergefield.


This is what I have. The field Name is a Picklist in Salesforce with values of either "Service Fee" or "Subscription Fee"


{IF{MERGEFIELD Proposal_line_item_chargetype \* MERGEFORMAT}="Service Fee" "" {MERGEFIELD Proposal_line_item_chargetype \* MERGEFORMAT}}


My issue is that the formula ALWAYS returns the "False" value. I've tried simplifing it so it just gives me "ISTRUE" and "ISFALSE" instead of the blank and mergefield and I get the same results.


I know the values are exact - I've even copied and paste them. I tried using TRIM to remove any extra spaces. I even tried to use LEFT and TRIM to search for "Service" with no luck. The only time I get this to result to a true value is when I say mergefield = mergefield.


So there must be something returning in the mergefield other than "Service Fee" -- but I can't figure out what it is.


Anyone have any insight on this? I've tried using other fields  from the same object - Text Formulas, Checkboxes, etc and I can't get any of them to work.


HELP! -- and thanks!