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Apex Data Loader - Limitations on data volumes it can handle?

Hi Guys,

A rather basic question, but here goes!....

My company are currently using Data Loader for a proof of concept project currently underway, with a small user base of approx 20 users.

Should the project move into 'phase 2', we'll be increasing the users to approx 50-200.

Am I right in thinking Data Loader has limitations in the amount of data it can process or that performance would be greatly reduced by the amount of users we plan on adding to the sfdcom app we use?

Many thanks





There wont be a performance issue with the amount of users, I have over 250+ users and no performance issues that are directly tied to SFDC. The users are also world wide, and running off of a NA SFDC server.


I dont understand the part about the Data Loader as this is a app.... Maybe I am off base?




The Apex Data Loader was designed by salesforce.com originally as a data modification tool for internal use. They eventually released this powerful Java-based application to the world, and the result was a tool that any administrator could use to modify any significant amount of data at once.


The general limits of this application are as follows:


Data Export: Limited to the size of the cursor (I believe that is 50,000,000 rows), or as limited by the available space on your local storage device.

Insert/Update/Delete: Essentially unlimited number of rows, limited by the lowest of the following conditions: the number of API calls per day, salesforce.com storage limitations, and local storage device's available capacity.


Salesforce.com does not use a single server per instance, but instead clusters of servers that are capable of responding to thousands or even tens of thousands of queries per second. You would likely reach your daily API limits or your local network's bandwidth capacity far before you would even start to fill the cluster's capacity. Some of Salesforce.com's largest clients have some odd 10,000-20,000 users using a single system simulataneously without any noticable delay.

Mike ArthurMike Arthur
"Data Loader is supported for loads of up to 5 million records"