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Basic data dump.

I am looking into what I feel should be a pretty simple integration. I want to schedule a weekly data dump of just the data in one object to our oracle data warehouse. I have lookind into cron apex and understand the scheduling portion well enough.


What I need to find out is how to build a pipe delimited file through apex, or at a bare minimum a csv. Can someone point me in the right direction here?


Also, when making an api call, where will this file reside? How do i retrieve this file?


Thanks for any help,




Ritesh AswaneyRitesh Aswaney

Apex Data Loader is a client utility provided (as-is i think, with some degree of support) by Salesforce.


It can be used to upload / extract data in csv files. Since it also runs command line, you are able to schedule it using an OS scheduler such as Windows Task manager or Unix Cron and configure it to pull out data periodically. This data will be written into csv files (output location, query, etc configurable)


The csv file can then serve at the input to the process which uploads data into your warehouse.