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Case Assignment History

Is there any way to tell in the Case History HOW a record was assigned to a queue / individual?   I know that if it is assigned at creation via Assignment Rules, we will see the Created and Assigned history immediately ... but what if the assignment rules are overwritten (by unticking the box at the bottom) on creation, and then re-enabled later?  I have a case and I need to figure out whether this happened (they unticked the box and then reticked to activate assignment rules), or whether the case was manually assigned out.  From what I can tell, it doesn't look like the history changes based on how it was assigned ... is this correct?  Maybe something to request for future releases?


First, to make it clear, that checkbox is not a toggle option per case. It defaults to the page layout's preference each time the user clicks on the Edit button. So, this would have been more likely an accidental thing if they changed the box and did it just once; a second edit would have left the assignment rule enabled by default. However, beyond that, Assignment Rules and manual ownership transfer can not happen simultaneously, because you can't edit the Owner from the Edit page; you have to use the Transfer Ownership page instead. But, there's definitely no way to tell "how" it happened. You can only tell whom initiated the transfer and who ultimately received the case. I would recommend posting an idea on the IdeaExchange.